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Replacing Windows to Reduce Heat Loss

Windows are one of the most important features of a home when it comes to energy efficiency. It is believed that a typical house loses roughly 10-18 percent of its heat through the windows. Multiple factors affect how much heat loss your home encounters. But one way to drastically reduce the amount of heat loss in your home is by replacing your windows.

Install Energy Efficient Glass

There is energy-efficient glass that you can buy for your home. Glass is a key component of any window. The difference between energy-efficient glass and regular glass is that energy-efficient glass has double or even triple glazing, as opposed to traditional glass, which has single glazing. Additionally, energy-efficient glass incorporates a low-emissivity coating to prevent heat from escaping through the windows.

Changing Window Style

Replacing and changing the style of your window can help significantly reduce heat loss. Fixed/picture windows are usually the most energy efficient since the sashes are inoperable and therefore are fully sealed to the window frame. The lack of seams and moving parts means virtually no air can pass through cracks or openings. If you want an operable window, hinge-sash ones, such as casement and awning windows tend to be the most energy efficient since they create a firm seal when closed.

Window Frame Construction

Another way replacing your windows can reduce heat loss is by reconstructing your windows frames. The window frame material influences your window’s overall energy efficiency. Some of the most notable energy-efficient window frames to consider are:

  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl

Some important things to note about these materials are that wood tends to deteriorate over time, and fiberglass window frames sometimes aren’t as efficient as vinyl window frames. Vinyl frames tend to have a high R-value, which means it effectively reduces heat transfer. Talk to your window installer about the best options for your house.

Proper Installation

Did you know that how your windows are installed can affect how much heat your home loses? Windows that are not installed properly can cause them to not operate properly and cause significant heat loss. Windows that are installed correctly will help prevent air filtration and even costly damage to your home. To see if your windows are installed correctly, check the level, plumb, bowing, square, and reveal. If you aren’t sure what those things are or would like a professional opinion, contact a local MD window specialist to take a look at your windows.

Looking for Energy Efficiency Labels

When you want to replace your windows with ones that are more energy efficient, always look for ones that are labeled for energy efficiency. The most notable labels to look for are the “Energy Star” label and the “National Fenestration Rating Council” (NFRC) label. Energy Star windows mean the government has certified that the product meets or exceeds energy performance standards in your state, and the NFRC label provides information that helps you determine and compare the energy efficiency of various windows.

Install New Energy Efficient Windows with Element Window Company

Element Window Company is here to help you make your windows more energy efficient. No matter if you want to replace casement, double hung, venting, or any other specialty windows, our experienced windows specialists can help you find and install ones that drastically reduce your home’s heat loss.

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