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Proud to be an Authorized Marvin Windows Installer

Marvin is a renowned window and door manufacturing company. They’ve been around since 1912, and they’re known for producing high-quality windows and doors. That’s why Element Windows is proud to be a Marvin Windows installer. But what does that mean for you? Keep reading to find out.

What Does it Mean to be an Authorized Marvin Window Installer?

Authorized Marvin Windows installers are specifically trained by Marvin and granted this title directly through the company. As an Authorized Marvin Windows Installer, we work on your behalf to partner with local Marvin dealers to purchase windows and complete the installation. It also means that Element Windows is a great place to go when you have a small window replacement project or need to transform your home with multiple Marvin windows.

Why Work with an Authorized Marvin Window Installer?

When you work with an Authorized Marvin Windows Installer, you’re working with a window contractor who knows what they’re doing. They have been trained directly by the manufacturer on the best practices and tools to deliver high-quality Marvin windows. They have the training and knowledge to help you select the right windows, and Authorized Marvin Windows Installers have access to field support from Marvin that other contractors do not have.

The Installation Process

When you work with an Authorized Marvin Windows Installer like Element Window Company, the installation process usually goes like this:

  1. Prepare the area: We place drop cloths to catch debris and dust, then carefully remove the old window.
  2. Clean and prep the opening: Once we have removed the old window and cleaned the opening, the installers will put in the new window.
  3. Insulate and Seal the Frame: Our installers then tightly seal around the frame and replace the trim around the window.
  4. Verify our work: Our job isn’t done once we install the Marvin Windows. After we install them, we recheck our work and do a final inspection to make sure everything is in working order.
  5. Clean up: After we install your new Marvin windows, our installers thoroughly clean up the area and dispose of your old windows for you.

Benefits of Working with Element Window Company

Element Window Company prides itself on delivering high-quality and efficient window installs. Here are some of the many benefits of working with Element Window Company:

  • Excellent advice: Because our window installers are highly trained and knowledgeable about Marvin windows and other window brands, they can give you the best recommendations and advice
  • Add value to your property: Working with us gives you the opportunity to add more value to your home, especially when you install Marvin windows.
  • High-quality window installations: Element Window Company installers install windows in a way that enables them to withstand the test of time.
  • No Gap Unsealed: One of the most common ways people lose heat in their homes is through gaps around the windows. When you work with Element Window Company, we guarantee that no gap will go unsealed.

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