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5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Home’s Builder Grade Windows

Building a home can be extremely costly, which leads some construction companies to try and save money wherever they can. One way they save money is by installing builder grade windows. Also known as contractor grade windows, builder grade windows may be cheap to purchase but end up costing you more money in the long run.

As one of the premier professional window installation companies in New Jersey, we’ve helped local homeowners replace tons of builder grade windows. Today we want to share five reasons why you should consider replacing your home’s builder grade windows as soon as possible.

1. Very Low Energy Efficiency

Much of the energy consumed by our homes is dedicated to heating and cooling. Modern homes are designed to retain energy, meaning they’ll retain heat during the winter and cold air during the summer. You don’t want your air conditioner or heater running more than necessary as this will cost you extra money on your energy bill, however, builder grade windows perform well below industry standards when measuring energy retention. Don’t waste any more money by losing energy out the window when you can have your builder grade windows replaced.

2. Noise Penetration

Builder grade windows do not only allow a significant amount of energy to escape, but they also tend to allow a higher level of noise to enter the home. Have you been hearing a lot of sounds coming from outside? If so, the noises could be piercing through your low-quality windows. Installing some higher-quality windows may be just what is needed to quiet the sounds of your community when your windows are closed.

3. Short Lifespan

When looking to have windows installed, you want them to last a long time. Since they’re often made out of the cheapest building materials available, builder windows are not designed to be durable and have significantly shorter lifespans than other options on the market. The frame of a builder grade window will start to degrade after five to 10 years rather than the industry average of 15 to 30 years. Similarly, lower-quality locks may also stop working sooner, which can leave your home vulnerable to theft.

4. Lack of UV Protection

The sun is vital to life on Earth but that doesn’t mean it can’t cause harm too. Ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can damage the skin of humans and pets while also causing things in your home to fade. Builder grade windows usually lack any UV protections built into them, which increases your risk of issues caused by the sun’s increasingly powerful rays.

5. Difficulty Opening and Closing

Since builder grade windows are made out of inferior materials, they can quickly deteriorate and become more difficult to open and close. The primary benefit of having a window is being able to open it when fresh air is desired. If you’re having problems opening or closing the windows in your New Jersey or Pennsylvania home, consider replacing the outdated and underperforming windows with newer, better-functioning upgrades from our expert window installation team.

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